5 Simple Habits to Skyrocket Your
Progress as a Martial Artist

Are you ready to take your martial arts training to the next level? Whether you’re a beginner or a
seasoned practitioner, there are a few simple habits that can help you improve faster and
achieve your goals. By consistently practicing these habits, you’ll see remarkable changes in
your abilities and skills as a martial artist.

1) Take Detailed Notes
As a martial artist, you’re constantly learning new techniques and forms. But how do you keep
track of everything you’ve learned? The answer is simple: take detailed notes.
When you’re in class, jot down key points from your sensei’s instruction and any insights from
your classmates. This will help you remember important information and make progress in your
training. But don’t just write down the facts, take note of the feeling, the movement, the posture,
the breathing, the emphasis, the little things that can make a big difference in your performance.
If you’re not a fan of writing, you can also dictate audio notes into your phone or tablet. This
way, you’ll have a record of your progress that you can refer to whenever you need a refresher.
And as you continue your martial art journey, it’s extremely likely that the things you were told
during your fledgling days will come back to guide your progress towards perfection for many
more years forward.

2) Record Video of Your Practice
Mirror, mirror, in the dojo, how can I improve while training solo?
Some martial art studios keep mirrors in the training area so that students can review their
practice in real time. Other studios prefer to work without mirrors, so that students focus on how
the movement feels rather than how it looks.
But there’s a third option you can use when training at home: record video of your practice. Use
your phone to record yourself performing movements you’ve been working on. Then, watch the
footage to see where you need to improve.
Recording video has many benefits. Firstly, you’ll be able to see yourself from a different
perspective and identify any mistakes or areas that need work. Secondly, you’ll be able to see
the progress you’ve made over time, which can be a great motivator. And thirdly, you’ll be able
to share it with your sensei or classmates for feedback and guidance.

3) Ask Questions
The more you know, the better you’ll be able to improve your skills. Asking questions is a great
way to learn more about martial arts and understand the techniques and forms you’re practicing.
Don’t be afraid to ask your sensei or classmates for help or clarification. Remember, there is no
such thing as a silly question.
When you ask a question, it shows that you’re engaged and interested in learning more. And
when you ask a question, it also shows that you’re taking responsibility for your own progress.
So, don’t be shy, ask away.

4) Practice Consistently
This one is simple, but it’s also one of the most important habits you can develop as a martial
artist. The key to improvement is practice, and the key to practice is consistency.
Whether it’s 10 minutes a day or an hour a week, the key is to be consistent. Make a schedule
that works for you and stick to it. Consistency will help you build muscle memory and refine your
techniques. Consistency will help you develop focus, discipline, and determination. Consistency
will help you achieve your goals.

5) Reflect on Your Progress
Reflecting on your progress is a great way to stay motivated and identify areas where you need
to improve. Take note of what you’ve learned, what you’re struggling with, and what you need to
work on next. Reflecting on your progress will also help you to stay focused on your goals and
remind you why you started training in martial arts in the first place.
Set aside some time each week or month to reflect on your progress. Look back at your notes,
videos, and ask yourself what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve struggled with, and what you
can do to improve. This will help you to stay on track and make steady progress towards your
In conclusion, these five simple habits – taking detailed notes, recording video of your practice,
asking questions, practicing consistently, and reflecting on your progress – will help you improve
as a martial artist. Remember, it’s the small actions that we take consistently that lead to
success in martial arts and in life. Start incorporating these habits into your training today and
see the difference it makes in your progress as a martial artist.
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