Teaching Kids to Take Initiative

Last week’s message of the week was “Taking Initiative”. We defined taking initiative as: Noticing something needs to be done and doing it without being asked. It means wanting something to happen and taking charge and taking action to make things happen. 

We mentioned it is an important leadership skill and essential for making positive changes in our lives.  

At the Karate Dojo:

Unsure of your progress? Go up to the instructor and ask them how you are doing

Nobody choose you as their partner? Go and ask a partnership if you could make a “trio” with them.

At Home:

Did you notice the trash starting to overfill? Take it out without being asked 

Is your room starting to get messy? Take action to clean it up and put things back in their place


We mentioned that waiting for others to do everything for us, or worse waiting for problems to solve themselves is not a good life strategy. We need to grow up start doing things for ourselves and taking charge of situations that we have control over.

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