Juniors Advanced


Along with physical training we always incorporate the principles behind the martial arts that we teach. At home at school and wherever they may be, you as a parent, can be sure that the lessons and principles they learn here in the studio such as respect, sincerity, self-control and effort just to name a few, will soon be put in to practice in their daily lives.

Little by little your young flying tigers will and grow to become teenagers with character that are happy, healthy and with enough confidence and self-esteem to take on any task that their future might hold.

Available Group Classes (45 Min)

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One Private Lesson Weekly
Online or In-Person with One of Our Professional Martial Arts Instructors

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a path to confidence, strength, and courage. With every lesson, we ensure that our clients are one step closer to obtaining their American Legacy Black Belt and one step closer to defending themselves when necessary.

Weekly Group Classes: Online & In-Person
Led By Professional Martial Arts Instructor

Our Group Classes provide a hands-on opportunity to practice American Legacy techniques and skills with other students. These classes offer additional training to our clients and further their progress in our curriculum.

Effective Training for Self Defense, Self Improvement, and Fitness

Our mission is to provide the most effective training to our clients so that they can confidently defend themselves, all the while staying fit and consistently improving their mindset to help them in their life journey.


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