Teen & Adult



What You Will Develop

Improved Health including better balance, blood pressure, and mental clarity.
Athletic Skills including improved endurance, speed, and flexibility.
Self-Defense Tactics including how to spontaneously deal with serious threats from anybody trying to hurt or abduct you or a loved one.
Non-Physical Self-Protection Skills including how to recognize and address danger, be assertive and set personal boundaries, and de-escalate a violent encounter.

Social Connections from being a part of an empowering community of peers and expert coaches invested in your personal growth and development.

Typical Class Breakdown

In classes for our teens and adults, our skilled martial art instructors ensure the entire hour of training is a positive and productive experience, jam-packed with fun ways to refine new skills and drills tailored to challenge you personally.

Each class will have you break into a sweat and a smile!

The warm-up and variety of exercises integrated into the class will help build your strength, coordination, and overall athletic ability. While under the watchful eye and clear directions of our martial art professionals, you’ll frequently work partner drills with controlled technique and contact so that you can develop the necessary skills of self-defense.

As you progress, training will evolve from structured, choreographed methods of training to a reactionary, improvisational approach that prepares you for the type of real world violence people nowadays are most likely to encounter.

What Makes Us Different from Other Karate Studios

Our martial arts classes for teens and adults will build skill in all the above areas mentioned, while also helping you grow beyond limitation. We will help you with your strength, endurance, and flexibility, so that you have the good health to live an active life and the skills you need in order to feel empowered.

American Legacy’s innovative approach to self-defense and martial arts combined with our remodeled, state-of-the-art studio has made us the Karate class leader in Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, and Torrance. If you or your teenager could benefit from stress relief, improved health and athletic ability, and being equipped with the skills necessary to feel safe wherever you go, reach out to one of our martial art professionals now!