The Martial Arts, besides giving you an excellent work out, and teaching you practical Self Defense techniques, have been proven to be a fantastic outlet for adults to let their frustrations out or relieve stress, in a safe and fun environment, and also better their health greatly. If you are a student, adult, or professional, this program is for you.

You are never too old to start Martial Arts. In fact, we find that starting Martial Arts long after childhood does not diminish, at all, your chances to benefit from them just the same. You will become more flexible, stronger, more accurate and aware of your surroundings, all while finding peace within you.

Available Group Classes (1 HR)

Included in Membership

One Private Lesson Weekly
Online or In-Person with One of Our Professional Martial Arts Instructors

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a path to confidence, strength, and courage. With every lesson, we ensure that our clients are one step closer to obtaining their American Legacy Black Belt and one step closer to defending themselves when necessary.

Weekly Group Classes: Online & In-Person
Led By Professional Martial Arts Instructor

Our Group Classes provide a hands-on opportunity to practice American Legacy techniques and skills with other students. These classes offer additional training to our clients and further their progress in our curriculum.

Effective Training for Self Defense, Self Improvement, and Fitness

Our mission is to provide the most effective training to our clients so that they can confidently defend themselves, all the while staying fit and consistently improving their mindset to help them in their life journey.


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