Juniors Advanced

JUNIORS - Advanced


Learn Martial Arts in a Safe, Fun, & Friendly Dojo

What Advanced Juniors Develop

Cognitive Skills including improved attention, focus, and memory.

Athletic Skills including improved cardiovascular endurance, speed, and flexibility.

Life Skills including self-respect, determination, and the courage to do what is right.

Leadership Skills including confidence, commitment to excellence, and self-discipline.
Social Skills including courtesy, compassion, and teamwork.

Expert Self-Defense Skills including advanced martial art tactics and how to
spontaneously deal with serious threats from anybody trying to hurt or abduct

Non-Physical Self-Protection Skills including showing assertiveness, maintaining strong eye-contact, and de-escalating a bullying situation.
Typical Class Breakdown

The Junior Advanced class is reserved for the students who have obtained a purple belt or higher. This martial art and self-defense program is a continuation and evolution of the training received in the Junior Beginners program. In this higher level of instruction, martial arts and self-defense fundamentals are reviewed and expanded upon. Our instructors introduce new approaches that combine with your child’s prior lessons to guide them through the next phase of their Karate journey.

Now that students have fundamental skills established, they are encouraged to grow in new ways, such as increasing their speed, power, and fluidity. During this stage of martial art instruction, we take students from structured, choreographed methods of Karate training to a reactionary, improvisational approach that prepares them for the realistic self-defense situations they are most likely to encounter.

What Makes Us Different from Other Karate Studios

Our martial arts classes for Juniors at the advanced level will build skill in all the above areas mentioned, while setting up students for success in future, more advanced self-defense techniques. We will help your kids with their strength, endurance, and flexibility, so that when they are ready for the Teen & Adult Program, they have the martial arts skills to be successful.

American Legacy’s innovative approach to self-defense and martial arts combined with our remodeled, state-of-the-art studio has made us the Karate class leader in Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, and Torrance. If you have a child between the ages of 7–12 who could benefit from improved focus, enhanced emotional and social skills, and, of course, the necessary skills of martial arts and self-defense, reach out to one of our martial art professionals now!