Lil Ninjas Program



Learn Martial Arts in a Safe, Fun, & Friendly Dojo

What Lil Ninjas Learn

Cognitive Skills including improved listening, focus, and memory

Motor Skills including balance, hand-eye coordination, and muscle control.
Emotional Skills including confidence, self-control, and discipline.

Social Skills including respect for others and yourself, kindness, and teamwork.

Self-Defense Skills including the fundamentals of Karate and how to deal with common threats from adult strangers and child bullies.

Non-Physical Self-Protection Skills including the basics of stranger danger, maintaining strong eye-contact, and speaking up for yourself.

Welcome to our Lil Ninjas karate program for 2-3 year old kids! Our classes are designed to teach kids the fundamentals of martial arts in a fun and safe environment. Our certified instructors are experienced in working with young children and are dedicated to helping your child develop physical, mental, and social skills.

In each class, your child will participate in a variety of activities that focus on developing their coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. They will also learn basic karate techniques such as punches, kicks, and blocks, as well as basic self-defense skills.

Our curriculum emphasizes character development, respect, and discipline. We believe that these values are essential for kids to learn at a young age and will serve them well throughout their lives. Our instructors will work with your child to instill these values in a fun and engaging way.

At the end of each class, your child will leave with a sense of accomplishment and a desire to come back for more. We invite you to come to see for yourself how our Lil Ninjas program can benefit your child!