Tiny Tigers Program



Learn Martial Arts in a Safe, Fun, & Friendly Dojo

What Tiny Tigers Learn
Cognitive Skills such as improved listening, focus, and memory
Emotional Skills like confidence, self-control, and discipline
Social Skills such as respect for others and yourself, courtesy, kindness, and teamwork
Physical Self-Defense Skills including karate fundamentals, the essential building block techniques that will contribute to a strong self-defense foundation, and the basics of balance and coordination
Verbal (non-physical) Self-Defense Skills, for example: showing assertiveness, maintaining strong eye-contact, setting personal boundaries, and speaking up for yourself
Typical Class Breakdown
For Tiny Tigers class, our skilled martial arts instructors like to run a short 25 minute class that transitions to different drills and activities every 3-5 minutes to help our students with their focus, interest, and attention span. Throughout the class we keep a light, positive, energetic approach for this age group to build their confidence as we work on developing motor movements and listening skills. Most of our martial arts drills will involve the students performing movements to the air, punching bags, and striking pads held up by our instructors.
What Makes Us Different from Other Karate Studios
Our martial arts classes for Tiny Tigers will build skill in all the above areas mentioned, while setting up students for success in future, more advanced self-defense techniques. We will help your little ones with their strength, conditioning, and flexibility, so that when they are ready for the Juniors (Beginner Level) Program, they have the martial arts foundation to be successful.
American Legacy’s innovative approach to self-defense and martial arts combined with our remodeled, state-of-the-art studio has made us the karate class leader in Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes, and Torrance. If you have kids between the ages of 4 – 7 that could benefit from improved focused, enhanced emotional and social skills, and of course the basics of martial arts and self-defense, reach out to one of our experienced instructors now!